Minesight Applications Ltda.

Minesight Applications Ltda.

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Developing smarter software solutions for more than 40 years

MineSight started life in 1970 as Mintec, a small consulting company. Founder and chairman Fred Banfield applied his expertise in mine engineering with his passion for computers to help companies with mine modeling and design.

“Mintec’s first office was a room in my apartment in Tucson,” recalls Fred.

Through its consulting work, Mintec developed software and standardized it for sale to larger clients. That software, MineSight, now helps hundreds of clients to streamline their mines and to focus on productivity.

The mining problems solved by MineSight software are complex, but the company’s strategy has always been simple.

“As we expanded, our goal was to assure support was available for each client, no matter where they were. If we could not, we would not sell the software,” says Fred.

Now in its fifth decade of business, MineSight’s dedication to service and support is what distinguishes it. A worldwide network of offices reflects the company’s commitment to its clients. More than 200 people are now part of the MineSight family, including nearly 100 at its Tucson headquarters – no longer in Fred’s apartment.

Welcome to MineSight, the home of mining software and now part of Hexagon AB.

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