C.C. Jensen S.L. Ltda.

C.C. Jensen S.L. Ltda.

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Dirección: Lo Boza 107, Módulo B-22, Flexcenter, Pudahuel – Santiago
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Clean Oil – Bright Ideas

Oil Filtration – Removal of Particle, Water, Acid and Varnish

Increase Your Production, the Reliability and Lifetime of Your Equipment – and the Lifetime of Your Oil!

The key to reliable machinery is clean oil, and C.C.JENSEN A/S is a global leader in oil filtration.

C.C.JENSEN A/S designs and manufactures CJC™ Oil Filtration Systems for removal of particles, water, acid and oil degradation products from oil and other fluids.

Preventive oil maintenance is an important factor to ensure increased equipment reliability and lifetime – in all industries.

Avoid breakdowns – 80% of oil systems failures are due to contamination in the oil

Learn how you benefit by installing CJC™ Offline Oil Filters:
Extended component lifetime, extended oil lifetime, reduced downtime due to equipment failure,
reduced environmental impact
Oil filtration principles in CJC™ Fine Filters Remote oil condition monitoring in the WTG Clean oil in the Power Segment SMM 2012, Clean oil in the Marine Segment

Current Topics:

Extensive Investments in People

On 29th April 2015, the local newspaper, Fyens Amts Avis interviewed our CEO, Mr. Stig Due focussing on investment in people in relation to results, opening of subsidiaries abroad and the company profit.

During 2014, C.C.JENSEN employed and trained 29 new employees, and it shows in the financial results. After employing another 29 people, the total number of staff in Denmark and internationally have now reached 274

Complete list of Exhibitions 2015

Here you find us during September 2015:

Offshore Europe
September 8 – 11
Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Stand No. 4D180

September 15 – 18
Husum, Germany
Stand No. 5C12

HI 2015
September 22 – 24
Herning, Denmark
Stand No. M9820

Mr. Ivan Seistrup,
Vice President,
MAERSK Supply Service:

“Clean Oil is a Must"

“The investment optimises performance, reduces the risk of errors and breakdowns, and saves maintenance costs"

Filter Industries:
Other CJC Departments:

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