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The Comapny

DYNAL INDUSTRIAL S.A. is a leading Chilean manufacturer of pavement, construction and industrial products. The company represents, as distributor or partner, worldwide leaders in different specialties. The organization focuses on three fundamental pillars: Quality, Knowledge, Confidence and in the permanent development of new and better solutions.

The Paving business is organized through the Pavement and Road Conservation Area. It supplies products to the most important road construction and conservation jobs in Chile as well as private highways. It holds a ISO 9000:2008 Quality Certification approved by ISO – International Standards Organization and SGS European Quality Certification Institute E.E.S.V.

The area manufactures a wide range of road asphalts including asphalt cements, cutbacks, elastomeric asphalts, emulsions, joint and crack sealants, traffic paints, batching mixes, pavement repair products and complimentary systems such as sports flooring finishing products, dust control products and others. The area supplies equipment and machinery including technical service and training.

The Construction business is organized for the Business (B2B) segment through the Building and Civil Works Products Area and for the Retail (B2C) segment through de Distribution Area. The company has a strong sales force that aloud to be part of biggest construction projects in Chile and a solid national distribution network, with an excellent position in the most important construction materials retailers, home improvement stores and warehouses.

The company manufactures and distributes a broad range of products including construction chemicals and building materials, additionally it develops and adapts its products for the end consumer, which can access to professional technologies for residential use. It supplies multiple solutions in adhesives, joint sealants, structural waterproofing, facade waterproofing and sealers, asphalt roofing felts and roof underlayments and vapor barriers, geotextiles, drainage systems, green roofs and roofing coatings, concrete products, and protective coatings including corrosion, wear and acid protection products. It also manufactures industrial flooring and wood protections products among others. The company also supplies application equipments. Dynal’s product range has also applications in mining, industrial and energy projects. The Modified Bitumen Membrane facility holds a Quality Certification System ISO 9001:2008 approved by ISO – International Standards Organization and SGS European Quality Certification Institute E.E.S.V. This was one of the first certifications approved in Chile.

Dynal® assists specifiers, architects and engineers and building professionals through Dynal Technical Specifications Service (SETD) and has a network of independent authorized applicators which install our products according to the technical requirements of the company.

The Industrial business is organized through the Industrial Area and supplies products, raw materials, and specialized solutions for manufacturing processes for industrial customers. Products include technical adhesives, specialty greases and oils, coatings, solvents and wood sealants and treatments for the furniture industry, among others.

For over 70 years, Dynal® has been a pioneering industry in the development of industrial processes and the generation of advanced technologies. The innovation and commitment of its founders, directors, executives, engineers, professionals and employees has been the base of its constant growth and solid financial position. Through modern manufacturing processes Dynal® has established a highly environmental efficient company, complying with all of the strict regulatory requirements of the Chilean government.


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