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Expander System

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Dirección: Av. Los Leones 2255, Of.503, Santiago
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Expander Global

Innovation Development Award

In 1987 Expander was honored with the Innovation Development Award in memory of Alfred Nobel, presented by the Swedish Minister of Industry. The Expander System was equaled in its significance to the invention of the ball bearing.

Company information

It started in the 1950s, when twin brothers Everth and Gerhard Svensson built roads across the Swedish countryside.

They had become tired with the constantly recurring problem of wear in the pivots and could not accept all the expensive repairs and down time. One day when a pivot pin was coming loose a frustrated Everth tried fixing the pin in the lughole using a rusty nail.

The solution worked! Only temporary of course; but the idea was born and soon turned into a practical reality. The brilliant idea was patented and later received the Alfred Nobel Development Award.

The Present company, Expander System Sweden AB, was founded in 1986 on the initiative of his son Roger. Today the company has grown into an international group of companies, the Expander Group, with its headquarters in Åtvidaberg, Sweden and subsidiaries in the United States, and several European countries.

The Expander System is manufactured and inventoried in United States, Sweden and Germany. Our products are marketed and distributed through a rapidly growing global network.

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