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Accenture Chile Asesorías y Servicios Ltda.


Accenture Chile Asesorías y Servicios Ltda.


  • Analytics survey that reveals how organizations that are using big data today are reporting overwhelming satisfaction with their results, and see big data as a catalyst for their transformation as digital enterprises.
  • International analytics survey with retailers that uncovers the imperatives for how analytics should be used to shape the seamless shopping experience consumers now demand.
  • A point of view on the process, people, and technology that are required to make sense of, and communicate, data through visualization. Learn how to turn raw data into meaning, and meaning into understanding.
  • Our latest research on business agility shows that leaders stand apart from other companies on nearly every dimension of agility—making faster decisions, distinguishing between strategic and operational decisions, and investing in and using analytics to run their organizations.
  • Not only does big data present big opportunities, but big challenges too. This infographic helps to sort through all the buzz, so you can move from big data to big outcomes.

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