Connected Health

Accenture Chile Asesorías y Servicios Ltda.


Accenture Chile Asesorías y Servicios Ltda.


​Mobility Solution for Health and Public Service

Accenture offers mobility solutions for improving productivity and efficiency in the Health & Public Service industries.


Our mobility-based Health and Public Service solutions address challenges and opportunities for both health payers and providers. As an example, they can enable remote patient monitoring assessment; improve patient data transfer and hospital triage processes. Clinical data capture is also being revolutionized via mobile devices improving data supply chains and pharmaceutical monitoring.

In Public service, leaders are embracing four structural shifts – advancing toward personalized services, insight-driven operations, a public entrepreneurship mindset and a cross-agency commitment to mission productivity. In making these shifts, leaders can support flourishing societies, safe, secure nations and economic vitality for citizens—delivering public service for the future.

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