Device Software Engineering

Accenture Chile Asesorías y Servicios Ltda.


Accenture Chile Asesorías y Servicios Ltda.


Smart, connected devices are revolutionizing many industries, allowing greater customer insight and revenue opportunities.
  • Device Software Engineering

    Create mobile and embedded device variants to gain complete market coverage, from concept to product launch. This service builds devices to geographic, demographic or service-provider requirements, with integration of vertical services and with other devices (M2M).
  • Device Testing

    ROSA (Remote, Offshore, Simulated and Automation) testing includes pre-conformance, and usability, functional, and performance testing. This approach offers stability for devices and network components that use any type of access technology or operating system, including HLOSs, proprietary frameworks and feature phones.
  • Platform Maintenance

    This service allows you to outsource the complete maintenance of a product line or the underlying HW/SW platform. We provide the post-release expertise, tools, processes and infrastructure required for platform delivery and maintenance.
  • Device Innovation

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