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Aguasin products for cooling water treatment are designed to control the problems associated with water-based cooling makeup water quality and requirements of each system. We have incorporated the latest technologies to design our products to meet a wide variety of types of water.

Dispersing for Microbiological Fouling
Fouling and Corrosion Inhibitors

Product Serie Charasterics Water Type Ryznar Index
DISPERSOL Oriented to the fouling and logde control in open, closed or single step cooling systems Fouling 1 – 4
NEOFOS Products formulated based on mixtures of polymer/zinc, polymer/phosphate and/ or whole organic, with synergistic action for corrosion protection and open antifouling cooling systems. Fouling and Corrosive 3.5 – 10
PASIVAN Products formulated based on polymer blends/nitrite, polymer/phosphate and/or “whole organic" with synergistic action primarily for corrosion protection in closed systems. Within this line, you can also find glycol based formulations. Corrosive 8 – 10.5
Before Aguasin Treatment After Aguasin Treatment

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