Hydraulic Fertilaizer Injector

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Hydraulic Fertilaizer Injector

  • Manual operation – Manually operating the cut-out unit when the desired amount of fertilizer is applied.
  • Using a suction-type unit – This add-on unit contains an automatic cut-out assembly and is placed at the bottom of an intermediate fertilizer tank. The needed amount of fertilizer is then filled in the tank and the fertigation is started manually. When the level of the fertilizer reaches the base of the cut-out unit the injector operation is automatically stopped.
  • Using an automatic metering valve – This valve is installed in the Drive-water line. It should be set to a quantity exactly 3 times the required amount of fertilizer to be injected. In this type of installation adding a flow regulator assembly is required.
  • Computerized operation – Adding an Amiad Pulse Transmitter to the injector’s motor and a Control Valve to the Drive-water line. The pulse transmitter and the control valve can be connected to almost any type of irrigation controller or irrigation computer. The controller controls the timing, the method and the quantity of the fertigation process.

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