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Industria de Plásticos Andes Drip Ltda.


Corrugated pipes
Characteristics of performance and technical specifications

The corrugated pipe of 63 and 110 mm of diameter, made by AndesDrip Ltda. counts on excellent characteristics to be used in agriculture, construction, mining and in diverse aplications of flow by gravity. It is flexible, resistant and light, in addition, an accumulation of remainders in its interior does not withdraw or forms.Its corrugated design allows it to have greater resistance to the crushing that a smooth tube of itself thickness, also it allows it to be lighter, easy to manipulate and to install.

Pipes for flowed drainage and conduction of to low pressure:– SW: Inner and outer wall corrugated.– DW: Corrugated inner and outer smooth wall.

We made corrugated pipe with simple wall, it means, with corrugated inner and outer used mainly for low flows, and the with double wall with corrugated outside, and smooth interior, which facilitates the draining of the fluid.

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