Diversified Mining



Teck is Canada’s largest diversified resource company, committed to responsible mining and mineral development with major business units focused on and .

Our strategies in our current business sectors are:

As the largest producer of steelmaking coal in North America, and the second largest exporter of seaborne steelmaking coal in the world, we expect to grow our participation in this market through our existing resource base, in accordance with the demand of the global steel industry.

Active Operations:

Development Projects:

As a top ten copper producer in the Americas, we aim to continue to grow our copper business by optimizing the production potential at our existing four mines, developing our extensive portfolio of potential long-life copper resources, and discovering new resources in our extensive and highly prospective property portfolio.

Active Operations:

Development Projects:

As the third largest mine producer of zinc in the world, we expect to secure and improve the value of our long life assets in this business by supporting market growth initiatives.

Active Operations:

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