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Ruhrpumpen Chile

Ruhrpumpen Chile

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Dirección: Av. Los Leones 133-B, Santiago
Fono: (56 2…Ver Completo
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[flexiblemap address="Av. Los Leones 133-B, Santiago" zoom="14" title="Ruhrpumpen Chile" width="100%" description="Av. Los Leones 133-B, Santiago"]

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Welcome to Ruhrpumpen

RuhRPumpen is an innovative centrifugal and reciprocating pump technology company that offers operators of Pump systems a wide range of quality products. We are committed to worldwide excellence with a complete range of pumps to support core markets which are Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power, Industrial Applications, Water and Mining. Our broad product line complies with the most demanding quality standards and industry specifications such as API, ANSI and Hydraulic Institute Standards.

Ruhrpumpen is vertically integrated with its own foundry, machine shop, pump manufacturing plants and service centers. With strategically located manufacturing plants, operating offices and service centers in many parts of the world, Ruhrpumpen is a global pump company with the strength to focus on the local necessities of each client.

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