Technology Strategy

Accenture Chile Asesorías y Servicios Ltda.


Accenture Chile Asesorías y Servicios Ltda.


With the ongoing emergence of new technologies, many IT departments are under pressure. We work to get the IT organization fit to execute the IT agenda.
We help clients to align technology with their business strategy, by defining the technology blueprint that supports the technology strategy.
We enable our clients to take a holistic approach to the integration of existing and emerging technologies.
We help clients to define innovative ways to extend the life of their application portfolio, gain agility, mitigate risk and lower costs.
  • Survey shows digital is driving a new wave of collaboration between marketing and IT executives, leading to greater enterprise alignment focused on the customer experience.
  • Today’s CIOs sit squarely at the intersection of business and technology. Their bosses increasingly view IT as growth engine. We’ve compiled a “Top Ten List” action plan to make this reality.
  • Stepping into the CIO role requires fast and decisive action, but it can be tough to know where to start.

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