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Aguas Industriales Ltda.


Aguasin manufactures, markets and distributes products for dosing of chemicals through the provision of metering pumps automatic and manual commands. It also has equipment to control systems by pH, conductivity and ORP with integrated systems for boilers and cooling circuits.

Aguasin represents exclusively in Chile to international brands:

• Lakewood Instruments (American origin)• LANG Elad (German origin)

Aguasin has the knowledge and proven technology to satisfy its customers with the best solutions in various applications of modern industry. To this end we have developed dosage systems ranging from a simple metering pump to automatic control systems, such as:

Dosing Pumps

Electromagnetic Pumps Electromagnetic Pumps o What data are required to define a dosing pump? Flow Controllers
Boiler Blowdown Controllers

Operational Logistic
Purge Controllers Cooling Towers

o The operation logic is as follows:
Ph drivers, conductivity and ORP.
Chlorine Dioxide Generator

4 HCl + 5 NaClO2 > 4 ClO2 + 5 NaCl + 2 H2O

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