Ion Exchange Resins

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Weak Anionic Resin
Anionic Resins

Name Type Ionic form Capacity, eq/l Observations
Purolite PFA – 400 Strong Anionic Type I Cl- 1.30 Transparent gel type. High operational capacity. Excellent kinetics that offer a demineralization of high purity. Efficient elimination of silicious.
Purolite PFA – 300 Strong Anionic Tipo II Cl- 1.40 Gel-type transport. High capacity water demineralization and selective clearance of fluoride.
Purolite A – 500 Strong Anionic Tipo I Cl- 1.15 Macro type. Excellent mechanical resistance and osmotic. For the treatment of condensates and for continuous systems. Best elimination of silicious.
Purolite A – 100 Weak Anionic OH 1.30 Macro type. Resistance to contamination by organic matter. Best osmotic resistance. Optimized resin for the demineralization of water.
Cationic Resins

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