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Aguas Industriales Ltda.


Aguasin offers preventive maintenance contracts for water treatment plants to those who purchase their equipment and products. The aim of this practice is to minimize the detentions in the operation of equipment by technical failures, ensuring a continuous supply of water in their particular applications. The company has maintenance contracts with hospitals, clinics, dialysis centers, industries, commerce, government and individuals, among others.

We have a permanent backup system that allows us to serve our customers – they have with Aguasin a preventive maintenance agreement – 24 hours, every day of the year. Through a simple call will connect directly with our technical staff, which will give immediate emergency solutions until you come to our field staff.

Our technicians are constantly trained in the latest existing technologies on water treatment, which assures our customers a safe, efficient and economical operation for their facilities, which make a faithful compliance with secure policies, prevention and environment required by our customers.

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