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Aguas Industriales Ltda.


Through the Departments of Engineering, and Projects and Production; Aguasin creates the design, fabrication, installation, set-up, and kick-off of industrial and house equipment for the purification and treatment of water in the most diverse applications.

In Aguasin we count with professionals dedicated to delivering the best solutions.and we will answer your request.


Water softeners ion exchange are generally used as

Sewage plants for sewage treatment are standardized

Clarifiers can be used to unalkalinize, disassembling arsenic

In response to customer requirements and with the ultimate

Sea water desalination is a particular application of inverse osmosis

Demineralizer equipment use ionic interchange resins

The Aguasin filters constitute our standard line

The water treatment is a combination of technologies

Aguasin standard equipment, are in stock, for immediate use

Varied technologies are used in the purification of water

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