Universal Support System



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  • Universal Support System

Universal Support System

The Spill-Ex Universal Support System is effective to control belt sagging between the idlers and thus improve the performance of the skirt board sealing system. The support system is of Universal type which is fully adjustable to suit different belt widths, trough angles and conveyor profile encountered at various material handling sites.

It consists of :

A) Two support bars made of UHMWPE which has a very low coefficient of friction. This provides a very smooth supporting surface for the belt to slide on.

B) An arrangement to adjust the portion of the support bars with respect to the belt.

Application Area

Loading Zone of high capacity of belt conveyor, carrying fines or bulk solids



Each support bar is mounted on the swivel support by means of clamps

Adjustable to any belt trough angle

The swivel support is locked with the adjustable support at any desired toughing angle

The gap between the stringer and the belt can be adjusted as per the existing one

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