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Why You Should Buy a GHT Premium Oil Cooler: 6 Solid Reasons to Consider

1. High Pressure Coolers

Global Heat Transfer is the first aluminum cooler manufacturer that offers standard operating pressures of up to 750psi*. By utilizing the most up to date technology, materials and process GHT is now able to offer standard and custom built coolers with these high pressures. With burst pressures exceeding 2200 psi our coolers are built to handle the most demanding applications.

2. Multiple Fin & Tube Designs

Global Heat Transfer has multiple fin profiles and tube designs that can meet your unique requirement. Whether it be the most compact heat exchanger or a cooler for a very dirty application, GHT has the fin and tube designs available to engineer a product that meets your needs. With our in house CFD and FEA software GHT is leading the industry in development of new fin technology.

Más información sobre este producto consulte en: http://www.globalheattransfer.com/products/oil-coolers

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