Global Heat Transfer Chile S.A.


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Global Heat Transfer Chile S.A.


One of GHT’s fastest growing divisions is the Steel Fabrication division. With our manufacturing plants around the world we can offer you steel fabrication at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.If you want to streamline your operation, lower overhead costs, quit fighting with employees and most important of all lower your finished costs, why not give us a shot at doing your fabrication for you? All we require is a set of drawings and some pictures to quote you on your specific application. We offer you our full machine shop that includes:

  • 6 laser cutting machines – can cut up to 12.7mm (half inch) thick steel
  • 10 CNC drills
  • 5 CNC brakes – up to 400 ton (can bend up to 10mm thick steel)
  • 5 shears – capable of shearing up to 3m long 12mm thick steel
  • 12 HAAS – capable of precise machining

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