FAQ – Possibilities Fund Program



Is the program open to employee and retirees of all properties owned by Teck included in this program?Yes, the program is open to employees and retirees of any property that is majority-owned by Teck; dependent children and grandchildren of employees or retirees of any of Teck’s majority-owned properties may apply.

What does “carded athlete" mean?A carded athlete is an elite athlete who is eligible for monthly funding from a recognized national sports organization (for example, Sport Canada’s Athlete Assistance Program).

How are the funding decisions made?All applications are reviewed by a selection committee on an annual basis. The amount of funding awarded to an athlete is based on his or her relationship to Teck and level of competition.

How will I be notified if I receive funding?Based on the contact information provided in your application, you will receive written notification if your application is successful following the committee’s review.

Which sports are considered to be Olympic or Paralympic sports?Qualifying sports for each Games are defined by the and .

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