Metals Create Possibilities



Teck was honoured to co-sponsor the Canada Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai where 30,000 visitors each day experienced the beauty and wonder of Canada. Expo 2010’s theme was Better City, Better Life and we viewed our sponsorship as an opportunity to show how metals make a Better City, Better Life possible.

Metals Create Possibilities Film

To help do this, Teck commissioned one of the world’s premier film animation studios, Rainmaker Entertainment of Vancouver, to produce a short, animated film. The film, Metals Create Possibilities, played in the Canada Pavilion courtyard for the duration of the Expo.

Told through the eyes of Cooper, a boy fascinated with what lies inside the earth, our hero discovers a magical rock that is the source of a great adventure. Together with his new friend Zinca, the magical bird, the two discover how our lives are connected to, and made better by, the metals that surround us.

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