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What is slag?

Slag is a granulated by-product of the smelting process. It is a glass-like compound consisting primarily of silica, calcium and iron, and which contains small amounts of base metals including zinc, lead, copper and cadmium.

Is slag toxic?

Slag is not characterized as Hazardous Waste by either the U.S. or Canada. No study of which Teck is aware has identified unacceptable risks resulting from the presence of granulated slag in the Columbia River. Teck now sells granulated slag (ferrous granules) to the cement industry.

What is the EPA?

The EPA is the U.S., an American public body mandated to protect human health and the environment. The EPA leads U.S. environmental science, research, education and assessment efforts, and is also responsible for the development and enforcement of environmental regulations.

What is CERCLA?

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