Reverse Osmosis

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Aguasin standard equipment, are in stock, for immediate use. The application or the quality of water supply may recommend the use of a model or another. This analysis is done through a theoretical simulation of the variables that govern the phenomenon of membrane purification. The membrane technology is also used in units of nano-filtration, ultra-filtration and micro-filtration. For each of these technologies are developed special equipment that meets the conditions of operation.

The ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes are using technologies similar to those of reverse osmosis, however its composition allows the separation of contaminants with larger molecular structures (+ / – 90000-100000 Daltons).

In Aguasin we count with professionals dedicated to delivering the best solutions. and we will answer your request.

Compact Units AZ4, A4, A8 and A-Pro series.

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