Sedimentation, Clarification And Sludge Treatment Test

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Many industrial processes require clarification and dewatering of wastewater and sludge. For this it is necessary to make a prompt and thorough separation of solid and liquid phases. This is also true in the treatment of drinking water and wastewater treatment of industrial and urban processes. Performing the relevant tests, we choose the best product within the range available in the market.

Flocculation tests for clarification and sedimentation- The most common tests are:• Jar Test• Sedimentation speed stirring method• Sedimentation following the manual method• Method of CompactionLaboratory testing for the treatment of sludge – The most common tests are:• Evidence of dissolved air flotation (flotation of relaxation)• Laboratory tests with vacuum filtration• Testing of sludge dewatering by sievingFor testing of sludge is essential to use representative samples of effluent or sludge, as the appropriate sampling allows evidence properly flocculation in the laboratory. Our field team has vast experience in this type of sampling.

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